Spring Has Sprung

I’m not sure what to make of Spring Training. Seems like there’s an awful lot of games. In cricket and football they play a few friendly matches then before you know it, the season is up and running.

Spring Training in baseball just seems to drag. It’s interesting for a bit, and I know I shouldn’t worry too much how teams and players perform because it’s not the ‘real thing’, but when there’s a whole month of baseball going on and it really doesn’t ‘mean’ anything, it makes me feel funny.

One thing’s for sure, one of my favorite Twins, Denard Span, is having a stinker. A .145 average over 17 games and 55 at-bats. But of course, it means nothing right? Then there’s the worries about Joe Mauer. The lack of information being offered by anyone about his “condition” is a little scary. He’s just, you know, kind of hurt and recovering and “still in pain” but there’s no real concrete evidence about how long he’ll be out. The Twins will totally miss his presence at the batting plate, but also his ability to call a pitch (which he’s not often given the credit for), and I’m sure Reddog and the others will do fine, but seriously Joe, get better soon please!

Twins pitching looks promising for the upcoming season, but our bullpen is still a concern. I loved last season because there were absolutely no expectations about how the Twins would perform, yet we got very close to gaining a playoff place (partly, it must be said, because both the Tigers and the Indians underperformed drastically). But this year, perhaps expectations will be higher? Still, much of the team that did well last year remains intact, and there’s a few positive young ‘uns in the line up and an in-form Joe Crede can perform as well as anyone.

It’s all to play for. Roll on April 6th.


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