Thankfully, there’s still 161 more games to go, and Felix Hernandez won’t be pitching to us every time, but the Twins looked a little lazy last night and after much fanfare and excitement, it was hardly an inspiring performance.

Last season, nobody expected the Twins to do anything, and yet they were just one win away from a play-off place. Meanwhile, much was expected of the Mariners, but their season was horrible. How things have changed. Now the Mariners really have something to prove, while people (if perhaps secretly, so as not to jinx them) are expecting good things from the Twins.

Things can only get better from here. And I’m not even going to start with the MLB.TV issues…


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  1. singingtwinsfan

    As a Twinsfan for life, these last 22 years of Twins baseball have been so much more successful and fun to watch than the rough years of the 70s & early 80s. I saw some awful teams in the final years of Met stadium and the early Dome years. I enjoy the daily drama, the ups and downs and dream of another World Series in Minnesota. Keep up the good blogging, cheering and wouldn’t it be cool the have the Twins last game in the dome be for their third WS Championship?

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