Ups and Downs


  • Morneau’s back!
  • Slowey kept his cool
  • Bullpen was very confident
  • Nathan’s 200th save as a Twin


  • Give us a reason to love you, Joe Crede!
  • Not a good start for Slowey, depsite the recovery noted above

One thing I’ve been wondering about is how good will the Mariners be this season? To be honest, it looks like they have some good hitters. On the evidence of last year, perhaps people thought they’d be easy fodder for the Twins, but maybe they have their act together for 2009. If it wasn’t for some better offense from our boys last night, that scoreline might not have been so flattering.

The Twins still really need a dominating pitching appearance from one of their starters. We seem to have got through the last couple of games by a whisker, but to be honest, if we win every game by a single run for the next six months, I doubt anyone will be complaining!


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