Nice one, Joe…

The Twins starting a knuckleball pitcher against the White Sox was cool in itself, but as Joe Crede came to the plate, the folks at Cellular Field decided to blast Air Supply’s “All Out of Love”, which I have to admit was pretty funny, and the crowd there did the gracious thing and gave him a standing ovation.

Of course, Crede did what any good batter would do in that situation, playing against his old team (and the Twins’ biggest rivals), he smashed one out the ground.

How quickly those cheers changed to boos!


photo: AP/Yahoo!


  1. singingtwinsfan

    Hey great stuff, and great hitting Twins! I almost gave up posting this comment, though, because took literally 5 minutes to process my login. Is it just me?
    Hopefully the Twins can wear their ear-flaps up tomorrow afternoon and keep their hitting shoes on!

    • Marty_G

      Yep, the MLB site can be horribly slow sometimes, it can be especially frustrating writing these entries!

      Too bad the Twins couldn’t keep their offense hot today 😦

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