Furrowed Brow

Merely a week into the new season and I’ve decided I’ve been taking baseball WAY too seriously so far, and that has to stop at once!

Viewing the crowd at Nationals Park on MLB.TV today enjoying their day at the ballpark while Washington faced their seventh straight loss of 2009, made me realize that watching the game at the ballpark is so much more fun than watching it on TV with commentators wanking on about stats, averages, techniques, and other depressing things when a team is under-performing. I think the coverage on TV or radio is great, but it’s highly analytical/critical of course. The joy of being at the game usurps all that stuff, and you just soak up the atmosphere, and the alcohol of course.

So from now on, no more grouchy Marty. It is just a game after all, and it’s still a joy to watch, seeing as my other big favorite (soccer) sometimes takes itself way too seriously!

On the other hand, I could just drink more.


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