Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Yes. We really needed that. It looked like the Twins had let yet another lead slip away with an incompetent bullpen giving away five runs in the 7th, and the Angels were up 9-3. The Twins could only muster a solitary run in the bottom of the 7th, so it was 9-4 going into the 8th.

Some good Twins hitting and poor Angels pitching saw that lead cut to 9-7. Brendan Harris strikes out and there’s two gone, but the Angels walk Morneau to load the bases. Up steps Jason Kubel and cracks one to the upper tier! As if the grand slam wasn’t enough of a cause for celebration, Kubes had hit for the cycle, and the Twins went into the 9th with an 11-9 lead. Within a handful of pitches, Joe Nathan had saved the game in the 9th.

Another exciting night at the Metrodome, and maybe this will be the one that will see the Twins overturn their rocky start to the 2009 season!

Putting things in perspective however, it’s been a tougher start to the season for the Angels, what with the untimely death of Nick Adenhart, and the (admittedly less significant) news that Vladimir Guerrero will be out for a few weeks with a torn muscle in his chest.


photo: AP/Yahoo!


  1. Marty_G

    Thanks Aaron. It was even more exciting than the Indians 7th inning against the Yankees on Wednesday 😉

  2. singingtwinsfan

    Wow! What a great comback. Kubel’s Gramma in South Dakota really enjoyed that one! I’ll be there in the seats behind center field tonight. Hopefully we’ll see series win number two!

  3. Marty_G

    Have fun at the game. If it’s not as exciting as Friday night let’s hope for a dominant Twins performance for a change!

  4. Marty_G

    Thanks for visiting Jane! Yes, it truly was Heather and her family who converted me to the Twins. Prior to that, I would go and see the odd baseball game now and again, but didn’t really follow it and lacked the deeper understanding and appreciation I have for the game now.

  5. cubsyear2002

    Like Jane, just discovered the blog. Excellent voice and I’m looking forward to your posts!! Go Twins!

  6. popejonash

    Hello and greetings from back across the pond. A Mets fan from Yorkshire here. I hate the thought of losing some of my love for English football when I move to the States. I’m a Peterborough United fan, so there’s no chance of finding many of their games. I just checked out your other blog and I have actually been to the museum at Deepdale when I studied at the University of Central Lancashire 6 years ago. I’m all set of move to NYC in June to be with my fiancee, a Yankees fan, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

  7. Marty_G

    Thanks for stopping by, Ash! A Mets fan marrying a Yankees fan? That will be a fun combo 🙂 Yes, you will probably have a hard time seeing your beloved Peterborough over here, the channels that do show footie are mainly focused on the Premiership or Champions League. Still, it is possible to love both sports equally, but your summer evenings in NYC watching the Mets are going to be wonderful times I am sure! It’s either that, or a rainy, freezing cold Peterborough on a Saturday afternoon 🙂

  8. Marty_G

    Isn’t that crazy? Three for the cycle in just a single week! Thanks for visiting Elizabeth — you’re right, Twins did have a nice win yesterday too, and I should really get off my *** and write about it!

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