A Day Off

Finally, a well-deserved rest-day for the Twins, and it comes at a time when the team is finally beginning to pick itself up and look like the class act it has the potential to be. With a tough little road trip this week (two games at Fenway against the Red Sox, and three games at Progressive Field against the Indians), it will be interesting to see where the team will be this time next week. Even if they go 3-2 over these upcoming five games, I don’t think anyone will be complaining.

The AL Central is very close right now, with no team off to a Marlins-like flying start, but everyone in the league is looking pretty competent so far, even the much maligned Kansas City Royals.

Good news for the Twins is the news that Joe Mauer should be back in the line up by May 1st. Even if he isn’t at full strength, his very presence in the team again should really boost morale and make the Twins even more competitive and fun to watch.



  1. steer

    Great time to meet up with the Beantowners. If Baker and Liarano pitch there A game, then we go to Cleveland flying high and have our 3 young guns a blazing with a 5 game windstreak as a tailwind. Time to put the dagger in the American Central.

  2. Marty_G

    Thanks for visiting Kaybee. I think your Padres might be a better team this year than people give them credit for, look at what happened to the Rays last season!

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