Some Time Later…

Wait. That wasn’t supposed to happen! Where was the birthday-boy-Twins-victory-express when we needed it? Answer: firmly parked at the train station of doom. Apologies for the horrible metaphor, but the quality of said metaphor depends wholly on the quality of the ballgame.

With the rain falling down on a gloomy Fenway Park, the Twins looked terrible today. Scott Baker kept pitching it up, but did seem to gain some control later. The Red Sox bats were very hot today, and the Twins popped-up more times than a jack-in-the-box on crystal meth, even though they did actually have a few chances to make a game of it.

Morillo lost control, Dickey can’t knuckle-down like Wakefield, and the only saving grace was the game getting abandoned in the 7th, and the possible cancellation of the evening game, to save the Twins any further blushes.



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