Concerns With a C



Today’s concerns are brought to you by the letter C

Cuddyer: Should we be worried about Cuddles? He seems to be striking out an awful lot this year, but is Ron Gardenhire perhaps a little too stubborn to put him on the bench for a while? Evidently, he’s a popular ‘leader’ in the clubhouse, and a great outfielder, but I’m beginning to think he might be having problems right now.

Catcher: Which one should be sent down when Joe Mauer returns? Although Jose Morales has shown a bit more promise with the bat lately, I think Mike Redmond has thoroughly earned his place on the roster over the past years, and his hack and slash ability in clutch situations might be more reliable. But I must admit, I think Morales is very promising, and it’ll be kind of sad to see him not getting any more games just when he’s flourishing.

Carlos: Who? Carlos Gomez of course! Some say he should be sent down to Triple-A Rochester for a while too. It might happen. Many believe his center field defense is important, but I guess if he was gone, it’d be the Young-Span-Cuddyer combo every night… right now I kind of like the fact that Gardy is mixing it up, and I’ve already expressed concerns about Cuddyer above.

Casilla: Poor Alexi. He hasn’t had a great start to the season with the bat, and has looked a little vulnerable at second base, but hopefully he’ll pull his socks up and improve soon.

Crede: His name begins with C too!


One comment

  1. morekubel

    Nice post. Now I have “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me” in my head. Seriously though, Gomez has been monsterly ugly. Span’s just as good in center and much better at the plate. Span’s my man.

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