0-9, 1-8

Those numbers wouldn’t have meant much to me a few years ago, but having followed baseball a bit more passionately over the past few years, just looking at them, I know they can’t be a good thing.

These figures are actually the RISP (runners in scoring positions) for the Twins over the past few games. Entering Monday’s game against the Rays (a 7-1 loss) the Twins were 0-9 with runners in scoring position from the previous Cleveland series. Last night, even though they managed to sneak a walk-off win, they went 1-8 with runners in scoring positions.

Of course, figures don’t tell the whole story. A win is a win whether it’s close or not, but such figures don’t bode well for a team that last year displayed a glittering penchant for scoring runs once batters got on base.

I’m hoping these things will change in the coming weeks as the Twins will need to step it up, or else they won’t be competitive any more, and being competitive, even if you lose a game now and then, is better than not taking your opportunities at all.




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