That’s Mauer Like it!


photo: AP/Yahoo!

Even if the Twins hadn’t won last night (which they did anyway), Friday 1st May 2009 will always be a memorable one in the minds of fans everywhere. Joe Mauer, returning at last after missing Spring Training and the entire first month of the season, hit a majestic solo home run with his very first swing off Sidney Ponson of the Kansas City Royals.

Not to be outdone of course, his best buddy Justin Morneau had to get in on the act and hit a two-run homer in the 5th (scoring Mauer, naturally) and the Twins went on to complete a 7-5 victory against a very offensively strong Royals team.

Though Kevin Slowey didn’t have his best start of the year, the bullpen was impeccable, and it was so nice to see Mauer and Morneau all chummy on the bench again. The Royals have proven to be formidable foes, and despite all the hoopla of last night, it’ll be interesting to see if Minnesota can continue playing well and win the next two games on Saturday and Sunday.



  1. goodtimes7

    Joe Mauer just proved once again why he’s the best catcher in MLB. The guy doesn’t see a pitch from a big leaguer since October and he steps right in like it’s the middle of the season.

    This guy will go down as one of the Top 5 catchers of all-time before all is said and done. I’m not even a twins fan, but as a fan of baseball I just love to watch the guy play. He does everything the right way and is one of the best natural hitters ever.

    I wrote about his importance and how he’s underrated a few weeks ago.

    Check it out:

  2. Marty_G

    Thanks for reading, Tom! And yes, I agree, Mauer is something special, especially for one so young. I really hope he isn’t plagued too much by injury because he’s already Hall of Fame material. I think he’s a fantastic advertisement for how the game should be played too, he’s a patient batter and bides his time, rarely striking out or being ‘rash’ which is something that even some of the best hitters lack these days.

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