Royals Reign Remains

Snappy blog title post, huh? Shame the Twins weren’t so snappy this weekend.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, by all accounts) I didn’t catch much of Saturday’s game after the 6th inning, but it did sound like a comedy of errors, full of mishaps in the field, crappy base-running mistakes, and other such tomfoolery (by both teams), which ended with the Royals persevering for an 11th inning victory. Sounded ugly, so to be honest I was quite glad we elected to hang out with some friends at the pub drinking beer instead.

Sunday was also quite annoying. Scott Baker looked like he was on his way to a no-hitter until a fateful 7th inning saw him give up a heap of hits, and before you know it the 4-0 up Twins were 5-4 down. Heads dropped, and the Twins lost again, handing the Royals a 2-1 series victory. Should Gardy have taken Baker out as soon as he gave up some hits? Probably. It was telling that even though he was on a no-hitter through six, most of his outs came from fly balls, which makes me think the Royals still found him to be very hittable on Sunday, but they just weren’t connecting like Boston and Toronto did last time around.

But man, how about those Royals huh? There’s many questions about whether they’re the ‘real thing’ after their good start to the season, but they do look the part, continually coming back from being down, and hitting the ball well. To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t for numerous defensive miscues which gifted the Twins the odd hit/run here and there, it could have been a lot worse for Minnesota this weekend. The Royals should definitely be contenders, but they really need to sort out the fielding gaffes, and if they were not playing in a very tight AL central, their recent form might not look so outstanding.

Any good things to come from this weekend of baseball? Sure! Both Michael Cuddyer and Delmon Young are hitting better, Joe Mauer is swinging the bat well, and the Twins are scoring more runs than they were. It should be an interesting week with two games at Detroit and two games at Baltimore. More on those games later, perhaps.



  1. jmiklovic

    Should be a good 2 game series with the tigers starting tonight.

    I will confess I am a tigers fan all the way and I hope we spank you guys bad.

    Nonetheless I do enjoy when we play the twins. The twins seem to be one of the few teams you could take your little leaguer to and tell them “No that is the proper way to play ball.”

  2. steer

    I agree with jmik, in that the Twins paly the right way. Makes up for their lack of talent in some positions. One position that sticks out is their relif corps. DISMAL!!! Juan Cruz would look good right now instead of being with K.C.

    Bring on the dreaded Tigers!

  3. Marty_G

    Thanks for the kind comments! I think the games with Detroit are always competitive and intriguing, though I’m not keen on these weird 2 game showdowns like we have this week against the Tigers then the Orioles. Give me a three-game series any day!

    Twins Limey

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