“It’s a Funny Old Game”

They say that about football (soccer) in England, but the same can be said about baseball of course. But there’s a crucial difference. Only in baseball can you win 7-2 one night and lose 9-0 the next, but you just simply forget about it and move on and play your next game. It’s something I’m slowly coming to terms with as my knowledge and experience of baseball increases: the scores rarely matter by the end of the season, it’s the results that count.

In English Premiership League football, it could mean relegation for a team if they end up level on points but their goal difference is worse, so every goal counts whether it’s for or against. Not so, thankfully, with runs in baseball.

The Twins now move onto Baltimore to face an Orioles team who haven’t been in particularly good form lately, but to be honest, seeing as the Twins seem to be dealing with some mild form of schizophrenia when it comes to ballgames (sparkling one night, inept the next), it really is anyone’s game.

Oh, and damn this silly two-game series thing the MLB schedulers seemed to have thrust on both the American League and National League this year! The series with Detroit is set up perfectly for a decider but alas, instead the Twins move onto Baltimore (just two games again) and then meet the Tigers again back at home next week, this time for a proper three game series.



  1. morekubel

    Thank goodness a 0-9 loss is the same as a 0-1 loss. Now, get rid of Casilla already! Batting well below 0.200 and errors and brain-farts? He wouldn’t play on my little league team.

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