Pain in the Rain

As a relative newcomer to the game of baseball, I’m still having trouble getting my head around the rule that if a game is rained off and five innings have passed, then what ever the score is at that time, the result counts.

Of course, I could be complaining about this rule just because I’m a cranky Twins fan, but yesterday Minnesota lost 4-1 to the Orioles at a very damp Camden Yards which was constantly interrupted by rain. Sure, the Twins barely got going to be honest, and I’m not sure if they would have anyway, but at the bottom of the sixth, with two men out, Justin Morneau was at first, Michael Cuddyer was at the plate, and Delmon Young was in the on-deck circle. But the game was delayed yet again and didn’t ever resume.

But I guess what irks me about this, is that Delmon actually represented the tying run in a 4-1 ballgame, but the Twins never got the chance to play that inning through. If only the teams hadn’t come out for that last couple of innings, we might have seen them playing and completing the game today instead.

I guess I find it a little odd that a sport that should be played over an entire nine innings is allowed to end after just five or six. I could never imagine a soccer or football game being stopped at half-time and the result standing, for example. Baseball is designed for nine whole innings of play, that’s what keeps it exciting — there’s always an opportunity to come back — but the rained-off game last night makes a mockery of that, and it sounds like Gardy wasn’t too happy with last night’s decision to even start the game yesterday.

Of course, the baseball season is long, and this is only one single game out of 162, and they do have to squeeze all these 160+ games into a mere 180+ odd days, so I doubt this game with the Orioles will make much difference at the end of the season, but still, as a cranky limey Twins fans this morning, I wasn’t overjoyed by what I saw at Oriole Park last night, and hope things will go better for the team tonight.

One thing is for sure though: Twins fans better get used to nights like this when baseball goes outdoor in Minnesota next summer!


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