Shaggin Wagon?

Joe Nathan seems like a nice enough chap. He’s up there with the best closers in the league, maybe of all time. He’s up there with Olivier in the acting stakes, too. People have even suggested that they should play music every time he comes in to close a game. And why not? Why do those damn batsmen get all the fun?

But here’s something I never knew about Joe. And if it wasn’t for our friend Zack Hample (he’s the guy who collects all the baseballs, and does a heap of great stuff for charity), I would never have found this out: the words Shaggin Wagon are written on his glove. Maybe it’s just his practice glove, but whatever, it says Shaggin Wagon on it.

Seriously, I’ll say it again. It has Shaggin Wagon on it! Picture the lovely red embroidered italic script on the pale gold Reebok glove. It doesn’t read something dull and ordinary like “Joe Nathan” or “Closer” or “Big Horse Blow”, nope, it says Shaggin Wagon.


photo: Zack Hample

Thanks for the permission to use that pic, Zack, and I flipped it upside down in Photoshop just to make it easier and more glorious for all to see.

I’m truly lost for words, but I think it’s magnificent. Way to go, Joe.



  1. baseballgb

    I know it’s childish, but I always smile at the mention of pitchers shagging flyballs. Dusty Baker once claimed that Greg Maddux “shags better than anybody I’ve ever seen”. So not only was he a great pitcher …!


  2. Marty_G

    Indeed Matt. It’s truly childish. Any mention of “shagging” to a Limey will ensure snickering. It’s like the name “Randy” too. I mean, Randy Johnson… well, that’s just hilarious to us dirty-minded Brits!


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