Three Walk-off Wins in a Row?!


photo: and a zillion others

I’m almost at a loss for words. For three games in a row, the Yankees rallied to claim walk-off victories. That’s a tough pill to swallow for the Twins who are now a dreadful 3-22 in the Bronx since 2002.

If you hadn’t been playing close attention to the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games, you could be mistaken for thinking Minnesota have been a tad unlucky, but I’m not so sure. Once again, our boys failed to get runners home in scoring positions in clutch situations, and though Francisco Liriano didn’t have a particularly good outing, both Nick Blackburn and Kevin Slowey pitched well, but didn’t get enough run support yet again.

I’ll leave the analysis about “what went wrong” to those who know better than me, and instead focus on a couple of good things: Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer continued to hit home-runs, which was nice to see. Justin even hit two on his birthday, Friday night! In Sunday’s game, Nick Punto made one hell of a great catch, and Joe Mauer made an outstanding defensive play. Despite the disappointing losses which will probably be copiously dissected by my fellow Twins bloggers, Minnesota really played hard and kept fighting and hustling all the way through. Sometimes things go right (look at the Detroit series last week), other times, games just don’t go your way.

The final game of the series is on Monday and will see Glen Perkins up against Andy Pettitte, before the Twins move on to Chicago for three against the White Sox, another divisional foe who find themselves struggling. Baseball can be tough sometimes, yet all it’d take is a win tomorrow, and a sweep of the Sox, and this weekend’s nightmare memories could be swiftly forgotten, as the AL Central still remains quite tight this early on. 



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