Twins vs White Sox Series Preview


The Minnesota Twins are coming off a series sweep by the Yankees. The Chicago White Sox are coming off a series sweep by the Blue Jays. Minnesota have just put starting pitcher Glen Perkins on the 15-day DL and called up relief-pitcher Sean Henn from Triple-A Rochester. It’s not certain yet who’ll take Perkins’ place in the pitching rotation though. Whoever it is, they will likely be the starter on Saturday against the Brewers. Perhaps it will be RA Dickey. Perhaps they’ll ressurect Sandy Koufax out of retirement and put him in a Twins uniform. I’d like to see one of the hot young pitchers like Anthony Swarzak or Kevin Mulvey called up to make their major-league debuts… seriously, what have we got to lose? But it has been remarked that these young arms are “not quite ready” which is ironic considering how ill-prepared our ‘older arms’ have looked in the bullpen this year.

The White Sox have gone 2-8 in their last 10 games but Minnesota should realize that a wounded Chicago could be a troublesome prospect. They have a nasty habit of waking up when playing the Twins at Cellular Field. I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about our chances Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but I go on vacation Thursday anyway, so will only be observing from afar.



  1. Marty_G

    Thanks Dillon, I hadn’t noticed that 😉 There’s still a long way to go though as you know, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Yankees can keep up with the Sox and the Blue Jays, and whether the Rays will start a surge too. Cheers for visiting the blog, but remember that gloating about your team’s successes can sometimes come back and haunt you later if they start to fail — it’s often better to remain humble!
    Twins Limey

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    The White Sox are not a very strong team in my honest opinion. I felt like the Jays, Yankees or Twins should have been in the playoffs instead of them.

    The have some homerun hitters, but none of them are very good ‘complete hitters’ if you know what I mean?

  3. Marty_G

    Jeremy — You’re right, the Sox never seem to be that good on paper but they have that annoying habit of hustling like crazy and coming through in the clutch. Once again tonight they kicked the Twins’ sorry a$$es. They didn’t outhit Minnesota but Mark Buehrle pitched sensibly (unlike Scott Baker) and the White Sox did the little things right.
    Twins Limey

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