So Long Craig, and Thanks for All the Fish

Before I go on vacation, some interesting news just emerged. Left handed bullpen pitcher Craig Breslow was just claimed off waivers by the Oakland A’s. To be honest, they’re welcome to him. He hadn’t done much in a Twins uniform, going 1-2 with a 6.28 ERA in 17 games, but I thought he’d be the more likely to ‘come around’ than useless righty Louis Ayala, who pretty much makes me cower under the blanket in fear every time he steps up on the mound to pitch. I’m wondering how much longer Ayala is going to last.

In Breslow’s place, the Twins have called up right hander Anthony Swarzak who’ll probably be the starting pitcher for Saturday’s interleague match-up against the Brewers. Glen Perkins will be back soon enough though, but I wonder if he’ll re-join the starting line-up or be expected to take up a relief spot for a while?

Minnesota has now lost their last five in a row, so it’ll be up to Francisco Liriano to step-up against Chicago and stop the losing streak. But to be honest, I’m taking a few days off from rigorously following the Twins. We definitely need some time apart.




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