Way to Go, Joe!


photo: Steve Wewerka, USA Today

I just wanted to extend my congratulations to Joe Mauer (not that he
reads this of course) for being voted the AL Player of the Month for

I’m not sure what else I can say about his stunning month
to be honest. It’s actually been refreshing to read so much positive
press about Joe Mauer in the media outside of Twins Territory, and
his performance in May has been incredible, all the more so considering
he missed the entire month of April.

Just look at those figures:
106 at bats, 28 runs, 45 hits, 12 home runs, and a remarkable .425
average, .508 OBP, .849 SLG, and an even prettier 1.357 OPS. He’s only
struck out a mere 16 times too.

It’ll be hard work keeping that kind of production
up all season long of course, but if anyone has the natural ability to play like
this every month, it’s probably Joe Mauer. Meanwhile, behind him,
Justin Morneau continues to have an outstanding season, though the
spotlight so far this season has been falling firmly on Joe.

though, Joe was outshone by Jason Kubel, who hit two 3-run home runs
and thus 6 RBIs in an 11-3 victory over the Cleveland Indians.
Minnesota took the series 2-1 and now face their extended road trip on
the west coast with games against the Mariners and the A’s, before a
weekend in Chicago against the Cubs.



  1. morekubel

    It was nice to see Kubes break out of his rut today. Hopefully the Twins will do better on the West Coast than they’ve done on the East Coast.

  2. Marty_G

    It’s a good question! As you probably know, most Minnesota fans will probably hope Joe remains in a Twins uniform throughout his career, a lot like Kirby Puckett did. But I bet the big guns like NYY and BOS will want him too. Thing is though, it’s still an awfully long time until the end of the 2009, let alone the 2010 season, and so much could (and probably will) happen between now and then, so perhaps it’s way too early to even start that discussion? Right now, let’s just hope Joe and the rest of the line-up can make this (and next) a season to remember! I know a lot of us fans are very happy that Joe will still be with us right through to the end of 2010 at the very least.

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