Dear MLB: Sorry, the Draft Is NOT Exciting

Despite MLB’s attempts to sex it up for us, the draft is, frankly, not particularly exciting. Don’t get me wrong here, of course it’s a very important process and I’m aware of the thousands of great players who’ve come through (we rarely hear about the thousands who don’t, naturally), but in terms of a spectacle it doesn’t make for entertaining viewing. I understand MLB is trying to make it more exciting than it really is, but this ain’t the NFL.

Unlike the other major sports (NFL, NBA), where we see a prospect pretty much taking their place on a team immediately, in baseball it can take years for a player to get honed and ready for the big leagues. In a strange kind of way, I think they should almost concentrate on the prospects picked in the past few years to see how they’re doing, because you can bet a lot of the kids being chosen today probably won’t make it in the end, and that’s kind of sad, but it is the nature of the beast.

So, sorry MLB, while I think it’s great that you’re trying at least to drum up a bit of interest in this year’s draft, it all feels a little overblown. As I mentioned above, it’s important, sure, but it isn’t really that exciting.

This whole situation reminded me of a joke (thanks Dave!) where the kid in Spring Training writes home one day: “Dear Mom, I’m doing great and hitting .600.” Then the next day he writes again, “Dear Mom, will be home soon, they’ve started throwing the curveball.”

All these kids might be fantastic prospects right now, but it’s going to be ever so hard for many of them to break through when they have to face the top brass in the game.



  1. Erin Kathleen

    Well, said! I don’t find the MLB draft all that exciting, either. I’m way too worried about how the season is going right now to think about whether or not some prospect will help the team in five years. Unlike the NBA or NFL, one bad draft isn’t going to kill your baseball team. Organizational needs can also be easily addressed via trade or free agency.-Erin

  2. Marty_G

    Thanks Erin. I’m always a little nervous criticizing the national pastime, especially being a foreigner 😉 Apparently the Twins got some kid called Kyle Gibson. Sounds like an interesting prospect.

    Twins Limey

  3. juliasrants

    The MLB draft lacks the excitement of the NFL draft – will a team trade away their draft pick at the last moment? – and so many of the kids who are drafted sadly won’t make it to the majors. Baseball is a long, hard road. I like your idea of following some of the players who were drafted a few years prior, seeing where they are.


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