You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to think up that horrible pun in the title, and it’s not even funny. Then again, it’s not as if the bullpen performances by Luis Ayala for the Twins this season have been full of mirth and glee.

ayala.JPEGIn a not particularly surprising turn of events, Minnesota designated relief pitcher Luis Ayala for assignment. I’m not sure what kind of assignment exactly. Maybe a “learn how to throw a pitch” assignment. OK, I’m being mean now, because admittedly, if you put me up there, I’d barely be able to chuck it 10 feet, but then again, I don’t get paid $1,300,000 to do my job.

In his place, the Twins called up one Bobby Keppel from Triple-A Rochester. I don’t know much about Bobby Keppel, but I am glad to see the Twins making an effort to do something about the struggling bullpen, especially as the AL Central is still wide open, and Minnesota has as much chance as anyone of winning it.

keppel.jpgAs I’ve probably mentioned numerous times before, I feel less aggrieved (though, of course, not exactly delighted) when a younger, inexperienced pitcher makes the odd
mistake or gives up a lead as it’s usually a learning experience for
them. What irks me more is when supposedly ‘experienced’ hands (who
the Twins pay millions for) come out onto the mound and throw like

Good luck Bobby, you’re gonna need it. Sean Henn? Better watch your back, dude.



  1. zkonedog

    I don’t quite understand why the Twins (whether Terry Ryan or Bill Smith) wait SO LONG on these guys?! I suppose it is the money involved, but did anyone expect Ayala (after struggling for a month or so) to develop into any sort of decent pitcher? Now Keppel comes up with potentially one less month to learn the big league ropes before (potentially, if the division continues to suck) being thrown into a pennant race). The same thing happened with Livan, Ramon Ortiz, Mike Lamb, and Tony Batista.

  2. Erin Kathleen

    Meh, Keppel’s a journeyman who’s bounced around between four different organizations in his career. He doesn’t have much big league experience, and he was roughed up pretty bad in his few appearances. He’s probably not going to stick, either. The Twins would probably be better off giving one of their top relief prospects a shot, like Anthony Slama or Rob Delaney. Both have been lights-out so far this season.-Erin

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