The Twins Made a Move

In a stunning move that will undoubtedly be sending shock waves throughout the land, the Minnesota Twins actually made a trade move before the deadline today. It’s true! It really happened! A’s short-stop Orlando Cabrera is now a Twin, and the organization didn’t have to give away an outstanding prospect like Danny Valencia but instead gave up a still very good prospect by the name of Tyler Ladendorf, who’ll no doubt go to Oakland and become the greatest player ever in the history of baseball.


photo: AP/Ben Margot

This seems like a positive move for Minnesota. I doubt Cabrera will be stunning (though you never know, he’s been scorching in July so far), but he can’t be any worse than what we’ve got now, and the Twins apparently got some cash too. More than anything, sometimes such moves can provoke a bit of excitement for fans and players alike, and it was encouraging to see the Twins doing something to address their weaknesses at the very least.

Still, the Tigers and White Sox both boosted their rosters with pitching talent instead, something I think the Twins might have been better off doing. The Tigers got Jarrod Washburn from Seattle, while the White Sox had to give up four good prospects to the San Diego Padres just for the single, currently injured arm of Jake Peavy. Now don’t get me wrong, Peavy is an ace, no doubt about it, but this looks more like a move for the future as Peavy will probably get maybe 4-5 starts this season when he’s back from the DL at the end of August. But if post-season play is in the future of either the Tigers, Sox, or Twins, those extra arms could prove very useful, and the Twins might regret not bolstering their starting pitching sooner.

Welcome to the Twins, Orlando! Look forward to seeing you at the Dome tomorrow to take some sweet revenge on the Angels.



  1. lilmatt


    I like the move for you guys (or maybe I don’t being a White Sox fan). I think that Cabrera is an obvious upgrade from what you have now. He is a former gold glove winner and is a great defensive player. When he played with the White Sox, although his attitude may have been an issue for us, his play never was. He can hit too. He will be a good fit for that freakin’ metrodome!
    What do you think of the White Sox picking up Peavy?


  2. Marty_G

    Thanks for your comment, Matt. I think Orlando will be a hit, but I still firmly believe the Twins need more bullpen and starting pitching help if they’re going to make it through! As far as Peavy goes, it seemed strange at first that the Sox were willing to give up four pitchers for one who’s still on the DL, but if there’s one thing I admire about the White Sox management, it’s that they’re prepared to make bold moves and take a risk now and again, something the Twins rarely do and could perhaps benefit from.
    Twins Limey


    What in the world does Brendan Harris have to do to get some respect from his own organization? Granted, he doesn’t have Casilla’s speed, but what good is speed when it’s sitting in the dugout going 0-for-4? Brendan is a professional and, when given the chance to play everyday, he has been a solid performer both offensively and defensively. Give him 400-500 at bats and he’ll give you 30-35 doubles, 10-15 homeruns, and hit in the neighborhood of .280. Can you say that about either Punto or Casilla?

  4. Marty_G

    I agree. I think Brendan Harris is a great player who doesn’t get the playing time he deserves. But it’s evident that Ron Gardenhire hates him, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating stating that. “Harry” is constantly used as the scapegoat if the team makes mistakes or under-performs, and Gardy seems to take any opportunity to talk him down in interviews and press calls. Admittedly, Brendan has had some issues in the field and has made some costly errors, but again the lack of consistent playing time probably affects such things. I’m guessing he’ll eventually get traded and go to a team who’ll appreciate him and where he’ll thrive, instead of being the victim of Ron Gardenhire’s intolerable crushes on useless players like Alexi Casilla and Nick Punto.

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