That Phrase…

Man, if I see the term “Showdown in Motown” used on one more bloody sports blog or web site today, I swear I’ll flip.

I’ve decided to come up with a few more alternatives for Twins (and other baseball bloggers) starved of original ideas:

Adroit in Detroit
Shenanigan in Michigan
Motor City Sub-committee

OK, none of these actually make any sense. “Sh*wd*wn in M*t*wn” it’ll have to be.

The simple fact is, that if the Twins don’t win more than three of the four games upcoming at Comerica Park between Monday and Thursday, they can pretty much kiss their play-off hopes goodbye. It’s a tough proposition for a Minnesota team that decided to be pretty much average for 85% of the season and only start playing properly in September, but it is what it is, and anything could happen.

I, for one, will be exceedingly anxious for the next few days, even though this is just a sport, and is supposed to be fun. Ain’t baseball great?



  1. raysrenegade

    You might hate that phrase, but it is beginning to be a symbol of a yearly exciting event for the Twins in recent years.
    Seriously, last season you guys took it to Detroit late and wound up in a late 1-game “free for all” battle royale for the AL Central title.
    Could it happen again this season?
    I think again the Twins have the momentum and could take this all the way down to this Sunday without a problem.
    From there……………it is the beginning of the fun ride.

    Rays Renegade


    just wondering what you guys think of this 4plus hrs between games today, I think it shows how stupid MLB is with their scheduling. they constantly every year schedule games in cold climate cities , right off the bat and games get cancelled. also why are some cities to stupid to build retractable roofs on their stadiums knowing they live in these areas of alot of rain or snow during these times of the year.

  3. souleofthegame

    Sorry, a lack of ingenuity forced me to used that title out of desperation. Maybe in a joint venture we can come up with something “Motor City Melee of two mediocre franchises”.

    Let’s face it, the only reason this is as exciting as it is is because netier team has been good enoughto run away w/ the Central.

    I remember 10 years ago, they called the NL Central “Comedy Central”. Maybe that fits the AL Central more today…

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