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Twins vs White Sox Series Preview


The Minnesota Twins are coming off a series sweep by the Yankees. The Chicago White Sox are coming off a series sweep by the Blue Jays. Minnesota have just put starting pitcher Glen Perkins on the 15-day DL and called up relief-pitcher Sean Henn from Triple-A Rochester. It’s not certain yet who’ll take Perkins’ place in the pitching rotation though. Whoever it is, they will likely be the starter on Saturday against the Brewers. Perhaps it will be RA Dickey. Perhaps they’ll ressurect Sandy Koufax out of retirement and put him in a Twins uniform. I’d like to see one of the hot young pitchers like Anthony Swarzak or Kevin Mulvey called up to make their major-league debuts… seriously, what have we got to lose? But it has been remarked that these young arms are “not quite ready” which is ironic considering how ill-prepared our ‘older arms’ have looked in the bullpen this year.

The White Sox have gone 2-8 in their last 10 games but Minnesota should realize that a wounded Chicago could be a troublesome prospect. They have a nasty habit of waking up when playing the Twins at Cellular Field. I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about our chances Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but I go on vacation Thursday anyway, so will only be observing from afar.

A Cold Weekend

Interesting series against the White Sox at a frigid and breezy Cellular Field. Friday evening’s blowout (12-5 win) was a great example of the offense the Twins are capable of, but just one solo home run and a mere 11 hits through 18 innings on Saturday (0-8 loss) and Sunday (1-6 loss) might be cause for concern.

Still, it’s very, very early in the season, and as Twinkie Town has pointed out (though this might be hard to admit) the White Sox pitched two amazing games, and looked a lot better than people give them credit for, especially after a fairly slow start.

A few errors cost us dear on Sunday. In 2008, the Twins ranked an unenviable 7th in fielding errors, so they’ll need to do better this year. The upcoming series against the Blue Jays should be interesting. Toronto have gotten off to a flyer this year (apparently averaging 6+ runs a game – yikes!), so perhaps the Twins will be able to stop them in their tracks and start piling on the pressure a bit more.

Nice one, Joe…

The Twins starting a knuckleball pitcher against the White Sox was cool in itself, but as Joe Crede came to the plate, the folks at Cellular Field decided to blast Air Supply’s “All Out of Love”, which I have to admit was pretty funny, and the crowd there did the gracious thing and gave him a standing ovation.

Of course, Crede did what any good batter would do in that situation, playing against his old team (and the Twins’ biggest rivals), he smashed one out the ground.

How quickly those cheers changed to boos!


photo: AP/Yahoo!