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The Twins Made a Move

In a stunning move that will undoubtedly be sending shock waves throughout the land, the Minnesota Twins actually made a trade move before the deadline today. It’s true! It really happened! A’s short-stop Orlando Cabrera is now a Twin, and the organization didn’t have to give away an outstanding prospect like Danny Valencia but instead gave up a still very good prospect by the name of Tyler Ladendorf, who’ll no doubt go to Oakland and become the greatest player ever in the history of baseball.


photo: AP/Ben Margot

This seems like a positive move for Minnesota. I doubt Cabrera will be stunning (though you never know, he’s been scorching in July so far), but he can’t be any worse than what we’ve got now, and the Twins apparently got some cash too. More than anything, sometimes such moves can provoke a bit of excitement for fans and players alike, and it was encouraging to see the Twins doing something to address their weaknesses at the very least.

Still, the Tigers and White Sox both boosted their rosters with pitching talent instead, something I think the Twins might have been better off doing. The Tigers got Jarrod Washburn from Seattle, while the White Sox had to give up four good prospects to the San Diego Padres just for the single, currently injured arm of Jake Peavy. Now don’t get me wrong, Peavy is an ace, no doubt about it, but this looks more like a move for the future as Peavy will probably get maybe 4-5 starts this season when he’s back from the DL at the end of August. But if post-season play is in the future of either the Tigers, Sox, or Twins, those extra arms could prove very useful, and the Twins might regret not bolstering their starting pitching sooner.

Welcome to the Twins, Orlando! Look forward to seeing you at the Dome tomorrow to take some sweet revenge on the Angels.